August 5, 2015

We're Back!

Time to dust off our little piece of the internet

Life has been crazy, 
which is the only excuse I can make
for my lack of blogging about our
crazy life with a toddler.
Turns out house hunting & buying a home
take up a lot more time than I expected.
(kidding, kind of)

On July 20th, after 4 months of searching
we are officially homeowners & are SO EXCITED.

We got VERY lucky & found a home
in the town that we wanted, in an amazing
little neighborhood, in our price range
& all that needed to be done was some floor
staining & some wall painting.
(& some shrub pulling)

Oh, & there is a Target, Ulta, Starbucks
& Chick fil a walking distance from our house.
(That's what really sold me)

Before we could move in we wanted
to have the downstairs completely done
for the obvious reason that attempting
to paint with a toddler would probably = HELL.

So here are some before & afters of what we
have done so far.

Here is the listing pictures of the living room
which they were using as a dining room

Here is a before shot of the living room
once we were in the house:

during the process:

& after:

Here is the dining room from the listing pictures
which they were using as the formal living room:
The walls were an olive green color that
 made the room feel super small.
(I could not have ripped those curtains down quick enough)

Here is our dining room in the process:

& after the floors were stained

The staircase also got stained
but it's still a work in process
that should be finished up today (thanks boo!)

We move in on Saturday &
I will continue to post 
all about our process,
& of course, about life with
 this little nugget.

This is going to be fun!

February 20, 2015

The Coldest Winter There Ever Was

Guys, 8 degrees. EIGHT.
I don't mesh well with the winter weather
when it's in the 30's & 40's
but EIGHT damn degrees with
NEGATIVE wind chills.
You can forget about it.

We've basically been hibernating.

I think Cam's getting sick of it too.
Poor girl probably has the worst
cabin fever, I feel ya girl.

Dressing Cam up in all of her
 summer clothes has totally helped
us cope with this nonsense.

& we've been taking
a few trips to the mall to
run some of that energy off.
I must say I have one good
shopping buddy ;)
Those lopsided piggies.

So until the weather gets
above the single digits again
I'll be sitting home doing this

all day, every day.

February 3, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday

Since my Packers were booted out-
I didn't have much interest in the Super Bowl
this year, except for the apps of course.

I made this
which was hands down everyone's fav.
I say omit the cheddar & just go
with cream cheese.
It's the best.

the classic Frank's Red Hot
buffalo chicken dip because.. duh.

Cam had the perfect outfit filled
with Seahawks colors so we decided
to just route for them ;)

Baby chucks, I can't even.

She's starting to smile for the camera
rather than her usual grump face she gives
me whenever she knows I'm trying to take a selfie.

January 29, 2015

Baby Gap Love

As far as Baby Gap goes I can only shop in store.
They seem to have WAY better prices
in store (more sales) & just like when
I'm shopping for myself I just need to 
see them in person, am I cray?

Anyway, I had some Gapcash so I 
decided to pop in today & they
happened to also be having an AMAZING
sale- like 50% off all sale items sale.

I got these four items & one more tee for only
$28 after using my Gapcash- winning!

Thisclose to getting these:

January 27, 2015


There is a whole lotta this

mixed with some of this

because of these

& this guy

had to go work on the power lines
in Boston because of this

Thank goodness for this

& Gigi only living 5 minutes away
because we might be hibernating here until
Daddy gets back home.
Or maybe until spring, who knows.

January 15, 2015

The Bow Rebel

Welp guys, it's official,
Cam's a bow hater.
The second I put one in,
she rips it right out.

I might be more sad than I 
should be about this.
I just want her to wear pretty,
sparkly bows every damn day.

 Here mom, youuuu can take this back.

Okay, you don't want it?
I'll just eat it & stare you straight
in the eyes while I do it.
Just for effect.

At least she lets me dress
her in humungous, furry vests.
We'll see how long that lasts, sigh.

Oh, & the fabulous,
purple, sparkly bow is

We'll try again tomorrow ;)

January 13, 2015

Some Toddler Must Haves

Now that Cam's a TODDLER
like, what??
we've established that there
are quite a few things that make
the days go just a little bit smoother ;)

I started giving this blanket to Cam
when she was like 6 months old.
Everytime I lay her in her crib
she pops in her paci & rubs her
little blanket on her face until she falls asleep.

Gymboree classes.
Or anything similar.
This age is so perfect to introduce
them to other babes & it's so
cute to see them interact.
Not to mention it helps with the
cabin fever that the winter brings 'round here.

A must for the baby stage
a must for the toddler stage.
These are our saving grace
during the grueling 10 minute car rides
that we have to take to get basically anywhere.
I just hand her a mum-mum 
or three
& she's good.
 Just like her mama,
food makes her happy.

Okay, these are genius.
The plastic wipe cases just seem
to take up so much more room than
these & they have a lanyard 
to hang them anywhere so they don't get lost in
the deep, dark abyss that is the diaper bag.
& when you have a toddler, wipes
are VERY necessary for things far
beyond the diaper such as; hand germs, boogs,
& the amazing snack pouch messes.

Surprisingly, these things keep
Cam occupied for like hours
& she's actually quite the architect

January 9, 2015

Friday Favorites

American Idol
Chris & I started watching it this season
& it seems like they show a lot less
of the horrible auditions than they used to.

Disney World
We officially booked our trip to
the happiest place & I CAN NOT WAIT.
We're road tripping down so any & all
advice on road tripping with a toddler is welcome :)

We decided to join this week & although
it's the most overwhelming store in all the land
I think I like it.
mainly because of all the free samples.

This outfit.
Cam wore this on New Year's Eve
& it was just perfect.
The outfit is Truly Scrumptious 
& the moccs are Hellomoccs

70 days until the first day of spring.

January 6, 2015

A Snow Day

Cam's snow day lasted about
5 minutes & it was 5 minutes of pure joy.
As you can tell here:

& here:
Yeaaaah, she had no reaction to it.
She kind of just stood there, frozen.
Figuratively speaking. Don't worry she was well bundled ;)