September 10, 2016

Tessa Jae (3 Months)

This little blog started when Camdyn turned 3 months old
so I figured it would be a good time to pick it up again
since Tessa is the big 3 MO ;)

Life with little miss Tessa Jae has been 
pretty laid back, she really is such a chill baby
which is just what we needed.

She is the total opposite of Cam as a baby
physically & emotionally.
I cannot believe that I have one baby
who was so teeny tiny & one who
gives my arms the best workout
they've had in my life.

Weight: if I'm guesstimating correctly she 
should be about 13 lbs by now
(she was 12 lbs & some change at her 2 month checkup a couple of weeks ago)
Sitting pretty in the 75th percentile for weight & height.

Diet: She's been breastfeeding since day one & still going strong.
The first month we had a crazy experience with reflux
(like I'm talking spitting up basically everything she ate)
but she's seemed to grow out of it for the most part. 

On a side note, she cannot figure out
how to suck a pacifier. I'm still deciding
if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

Sleep: At night she'll go about 5 hours at a time, sometimes more & very few times less.
She sleeps in her rock and play right next to our bed which has
been a lifesaver for her reflux- I'm already getting anxiety
thinking about how I'm going to ever transfer her to her crib
& laying flat- AH.
She is usually only awake for at most an hour and a half at a time
& she'll start to get cranky.
Girl lets you know when she is BEAT.
She zonks out instantly in her swing for naps.
Unless, of course, big sister decides it's a good time
to sing "The Farmer in the Dell" at the top of her lungs while
running around chasing the cat.

Erbs Palsy Progress: She bent her arm to her face for the first
time a couple of weeks ago in her sleep. A couple days later
she started to do it while she was awake :)
We met with Dr Kozin, a specialist at Shriners Hospital
in Philly who told us that her outlook is very good
since she's improving the nerves were just stretched
& not torn (which could require surgery to repair)
We do therapy once a week with a physical therapist
 & do stretches with her throughout
the day at home.

Favs: her swing, nursing, watching me sing horribly, watching
big sister run around like a buffoon, car rides

Not so Favs: getting dressed, physical therapy, tummy time, 
probably watching me sing horribly, the second the car stops