December 31, 2014


To say this year was amaze balls
would be an understatement.
When we rang in 2014 I remember
thinking that no year could top 2013,
for obvious reasons.

But this year is one for the books.
I started our little blog in February

we celebrated tons of first holidays with Cam

went on TWO family beach vacations

got engaged

celebrated Camdyn's first birthday, twice

grew our family by one, fluffy little member

and last but not least got MARRIED

We plan to spend this New Year's Eve
just our little family of three,
eating tons of appetizers
& watching The Twilight Zone marathon.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot some resolutions ;)

Be more patient with myself,
especially as a momma.
There are MANY days that I feel like
I'm doing everything wrong,
"Does Cam watch too much TV?"
"Am I feeding her enough lunch, dinner, etc"
"Do I teach her enough in a day?"
Growing a human being is not an easy
task, it takes lots of time 
18 years to be exact
& lots of PATIENCE.

Work on my skills in the kitchen.
I have a long way to go with this one
think flour all over my clothes
& many tears over burnt garlic
but I think it should be a fun adventure ;)

Top this outfit 

Happy New Years Eve!!
Bring on 2015 :)

December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

Ah, Christmas morning
the day that every child & parent
anticipates since the first sign of festive everything
in the aisles of Target.

Our morning started off with 
Cam having a minor cough attack
immediately after chugging her milk
which resulted in Chris getting puked on

Girl acted like nothing even happened
& went right along with her morning
if that were me I'd be rolling around in agony
the majority of the morning but hey, to each their own

Puppy child's first Christmas
& she was excited.

We headed down the road to Gigi's

Cam LOVES her uncle :)

& as you can tell her aunt just
wasn't having pictures that day

Except when I held her
then she was having it
just a little :)

Just a man & his dog

Bring on the new year!

December 28, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

Christmas Eve aka my favorite day of the year
was amazing this year.
I know everybody says it but
the holidays are A MILLION times better with minis.

We started the morning off
with some errands
& breakfast at Gigi's

Leg Warmers- Hobby Lobby

& somebody experienced
some serious FOMO watching
her aunt & uncle take a bath

Cam enjoyed some of her
new pressies that she got in the mail
as did I.

We got ready for a night of festivities
with friends & family

of course a selfie...

hung out with Pop-pop

& the amazing cheesecake that
he brings every year.

& ended the night with a 
visit from the big man ;)

Seriously, best day of the year!

December 19, 2014

Friday Favorites

I've decided that this will
at least be attempted next year
for our Christmas pictures.

Last weekend Chris & I had a little
getaway to Hoboken & adventured into NYC
since he's never been!! 
We definitely chose the worst day to go
being that it was Santacon
but it definitely made for some good entertainment.

We've gotten at least one Christmas
card in the mail everyday this week & 
it makes me so happy.
I seriously hope that Christmas cards
stay around forever.

We realized this week that 
we're like super close to being able
to start house hunting, eek!
I'm so excited.

It's actually pretty fun,
add a side of Oreos & you've
 got a good night.

December 18, 2014

Pinning- Christmas Style

Christmas is one week away!!!

Pinterest has been swarming with
amazing holiday ideas since like mid-August
so I've had plenty of time to rack up
some of my favorites.

These peppermint Oreo truffles sound amazing.
Just the name alone makes me drool.
Anything involving Oreos is a win in my book.

Once Cam knows who Santa is
I'll definitely be making her this
I guess in the meantime I can make
it for Chris, only for the hat I'll use bacon 
instead of strawberries.
Perfect ;)

will be ours next Christmas.

would be the perfect use for the tons
of leftover scraps of fabric that I have
from Cam's nursery banner
& our fall banner.

If we were hosting a Christmas dinner
these would absolutely
be our place settings.

Oh, I'll leave you with this,
Cam's picture with Santa.
Aka a baby mugshot
  That Santa right there,
is the happiest Santa I've ever seen.
& I love him.
High five for the cheer, Santa!

December 12, 2014

Friday Favorites

I LOVE this site, especially this
time of year when I'm making my Christmas list ;)
It's like Pinterest for shopping.

Cam's gotten her first few
Christmas presents in the mail
& it's SO exciting.
She got a Little Tikes slide
from her awesome aunt & uncle,
you can imagine the excitement
when I discovered a GIANT box
on our porch on Wednesday night.

I went into Baby Gap the other day
& they were having an awesome sale;
buy 2 items get 30% off,
3 items get 40% off 
& 4 or more items get 50% off.
So I got her this sweatshirt
because you can never have enough pjs.

& then I headed on over to Old Navy
& got her these pjs

I've made about 5 batches of 
already- they're amazing.

December 11, 2014

Christmas Card Pictures

Since we recently just got our
first DSLR camera there was no
question that we were going to attempt
to take our Christmas card pictures ourselves.

We dragged my stepdad down his road
 where there stood a line of trees that screamed
"use me as your backdrop for your
Christmas pictures"
& voila:

 Of course, we did a little
editing once we got the pictures on the
computer so the one that we chose was much more
vibrant, if you will.

 Next year I'll try to coordinate
our outfits just a little better, HA.
I'm a newb at this guys.

& this is the winner:
I knew I wanted the picture to be
focused on Cam & this displays us
perfectly, two grown humans
 running after our 3 foot tall human. 

& then we took these two
& I seriously debated just throwing
the past half hour away & sticking
one of these on our card
because that happiness.
But instead, we decided to print
the bottom one onto a canvas print as tall
as me. I'm not kidding.
*insert red faced Emoji here*