February 20, 2015

The Coldest Winter There Ever Was

Guys, 8 degrees. EIGHT.
I don't mesh well with the winter weather
when it's in the 30's & 40's
but EIGHT damn degrees with
NEGATIVE wind chills.
You can forget about it.

We've basically been hibernating.

I think Cam's getting sick of it too.
Poor girl probably has the worst
cabin fever, I feel ya girl.

Dressing Cam up in all of her
 summer clothes has totally helped
us cope with this nonsense.

& we've been taking
a few trips to the mall to
run some of that energy off.
I must say I have one good
shopping buddy ;)
Those lopsided piggies.

So until the weather gets
above the single digits again
I'll be sitting home doing this

all day, every day.

February 3, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday

Since my Packers were booted out-
I didn't have much interest in the Super Bowl
this year, except for the apps of course.

I made this
which was hands down everyone's fav.
I say omit the cheddar & just go
with cream cheese.
It's the best.

the classic Frank's Red Hot
buffalo chicken dip because.. duh.

Cam had the perfect outfit filled
with Seahawks colors so we decided
to just route for them ;)

Baby chucks, I can't even.

She's starting to smile for the camera
rather than her usual grump face she gives
me whenever she knows I'm trying to take a selfie.