November 26, 2014


I cannot believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
Hanging out with family & EATING TONS OF FOOD,
there's no better scenario in my book.

I'm SO thankful for my little family
& the roof over our head for these cold,
snowy days.

Just a little flashback to last Thanksgiving:

To be completely honest I don't remember
much of last Thanksgiving
probably due to the lack of sleep that 
being a noob mom entails,
but I do remember how tiny
& how freakin' cute Cam looked in her first dress
& that huge bow (which still fits her)
For the first time this year I'm going Black Friday shopping.
I figure it's one of those things you have to try
at least once in your life & then
never do it again.
We'll probably just end up bailing on the idea
altogether and going to see The Hunger Games.
But at least I can say I've tried it once ;)

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

Being that Thanksgiving is now
less than ONE WEEK AWAY
I figured it would acceptable
to write about some of my favorite
 Pinterest worthy Thanksgiving ideas:

such a cute idea & so much easier
than having to give away all of your precious tupperware.

This free printable idea is so cute 
& couldn't be any simpler.
A little way to add some festiveness
to the table.

 I have a dream, that one day, I will
host Thanksgiving dinner.
One day, when we can fit more than
6 squished people at our dinner table.
Anyway, when I do I will
be using this turkey brine 
I know nothing about cooking a turkey,
but I do know that this brine sounds delicious.

The perfect drink for watching the Macy's parade in the AM
or playing Cards Against Humanity with your aunts & uncles into the PM.
I made these baked sweet potatoes
as a side dish the other day.
Well, it was definitely a pinterest fail
for the skins, BUT the inside was still delicious
so I plan on making mashed sweet potatoes
following this recipe for Thanksgiving.

Happy weekend! :)

November 20, 2014


Meet Emmy.
She's the newest member of our little family.

I knew I always wanted a dog to complete our family,
but I wanted to wait until Camdyn was a little bit older.
 Turns out, Chris & this baby's little face, swayed me the other way
& I gave in
& I'm SO glad that I did.
She & Cam love each other.  It's like they both
know each other are babies, chasing each other around,
slipping and sliding all over our wood floors like little babies do.

 After a shady visit to a "breeder" in Staten Island
on Wednesday morning Chris & I were feeling a little
bummed, we thought for sure we would have left
there with a pup but that was a no go.
 So I, as my impatient self, searched
& searched the world wide web 
& came across Joy (now Emmy) & her adorable siblings.
We called the owner, he was super nice
& said Chris could come that night to get her!
So, onward into the night, 
& the sticks of Pennsylvania, he went.

Back at home:
Cam & I waited,
 (LOL midblink Camdyn)
 & waited,
& decorated
& 5 hours later
my man popped in the door with our new baby
I was a little nervous about having to take
care of a puppy & a toddler
but so far, so good.
Wish us luck ;)

November 18, 2014

DIY Wipe Case Turned Sensory Box

My mom made Cam two awesome presents
for her birthday this year & I just
had to share because Cam
 LOVES to play with both of them. Like all the time.
First up is a DIY sensory box:

How cute is this box?!
She took a regular wipe box,
cut up some different colored & textured fabrics
& glued them all over the outside.

The circles on top are Cam's favorite part.
Inside she stuck 5 different pieces of fabric.
The sparkly fabric was some leftover that she
had from making my sister's Elsa costume, obviously ;)
Then there was some denim & floral fabrics that she cut up from an old
pair of baby overalls that had a broken button.
& that animal print fabric you see there
was an old shirt from my college days.
Such a good way to retire one of my favorites ;)
If you have any old clothes that are ready to check out,
just cut them up & make this easy little sensory box.
Also, if your babe is like mine & completely empties the wipe box
whenever they get their hands on it, then this just might
save your sanity ;)

November 14, 2014

Weekly Favorites

Peppermint hershey kisses
Ran into these at our local food store
& I shrieked just a little.
I LOVE these things.

These bins from Target
The organized part of me loves storing
my holiday decor in theme appropriate containers
& this bin fits the bill perfectly.

 I'm in the process of choosing Cam's
stocking & here are the contenders:
I love the girliness of the top one
but love the classic look of the bottom one.

Baby selfies
I meeeean, come on.

We had our first snowfall last night!
Well, it was more of an icy, wintry mix, but I'll take it

November 11, 2014

Camdyn's Christmas Wishlist

Since Cam's birthday is over we can officially
start thinking about her Christmas wishlist.
Since she's only one this year
her list is mainly comprised of clothes & books.
I have a feeling it will be like this until she's like 3
& can actually make a list on her own :)

I decided that the majority of the gifts
this year will be PJs & clothes, since my years are
very limited before she starts getting pissed that there are no toys
under that tree ;)
 I got her both of these sets in size 24 months
to wear next year around Christmas time.

We got a few gift cards to Baby Gap for her birthday
which I'll probably use to get:

O Christmas Tree
Being that Cam just recently started milk
I slowly realized that we need WAY more sippy cups
& way more plates for those bigger meals she's eating.
I think these would be great stocking stuffers,
don't ya think? :)

We received a few gift cards to BRU
for her birthday so
I'll probably use them to get:
& maybe some of this
So there's Camdyn's Christmas wishlist, so far.

November 7, 2014

Weekly Favorites

This past week has been awesome,
Chris has been home & Cam has never been
more occupied thanks to all of her new birthday presents ;)
AND because:

 Yep, we pulled the trigger & the tree is up.
There's only 6 more Fridays now until Christmas!

These bibs from Tommee Tippee
are awesome, if you hate sweeping after every
single meal that your child eats/spills on the floor
these are for you!

This shirt from Alley + Rae couldn't be more
perfect for this little nugget, so cute & such good quality
We also got this one & I cannot WAIT for her to wear it

The fact that our town has a Mom2Mom Facebook group.
We live in a pretty big town & I love the closeness
it makes between the moms, if I ever have a question
about ANYTHING, I can just hop on & ask the other moms
& 99.9% of the time I will get an answer.
We also have a resale group for kids clothes & toys,
Cam has more things than I'd like to say from this group, HA.

Camdyn's second 1st birthday party is this Sunday
& I can't wait to see all of our friendys!
I also decided that instead of a cake for this party
will we have a PILE OF DONUTS, YES.

Happy Friday! :)

November 5, 2014

Camdyn's First Birthday Party

I absolutely love that Camdyn's birthday is right in the midst
of all of the holidays, it just makes this time of year THAT much better.

Her onesie I made with Scribble 3D Fabric Paint from Michaels
The tutu I made with peach tulle that I ordered on Amazon
& a think elastic from Michaels

I decided to stick to her nursery colors
as the theme for the party & to keep it pretty simple.
 I revolved the party mainly around the food table
because, let's be real, the food is the best part of any party ;)

I ordered the subs from a local sub shop, made some pasta salad
& some buffalo chicken dip & stuck some cheese & Triscuits on there.
The drink dispenser has some peach tea in it, just to stick with the theme :)

The wooden high chair in the corner
we got from a yard sale for $10!
Painted it white & turned it into a
total score for these awesome pictures:

 My mom made us the cake, we just used regular boxed cake mix
& some white icing dyed with icing color from Michaels.
We also had some orange sorbet ice cream for dessert, because
it's the best & orange is almost peach, right?
 ^ There's my momma.

If you can see waaaay back there, hanging down from the bar,
is a monthly photo banner that I made.
I printed those little squares straight off my Instagram using
Love this app so much, the quality of the photos are awesome
& they ship SO quick.

Chris came up with this cute idea for the favor bags,
we printed out tinier pictures of Camdyn right off Instagram
with the Print Studio app and attached one to every favor bag.
This way all of our guests can choose which picture they want of Cam.
I came up with the idea for the inside though, yogurt covered pretzels :)

The day turned out amazing & we had one happy & messy little babe.

Love this family of mine.
Now bring on the holidays :)