September 30, 2014

A Farm Themed Birthday Party

This weekend was my baby twin siblings' 4th birthday party.
Yes, Cam has an aunt and and uncle who are 4.
Crazy, huh?
I love it though- they're basically like her cousins, only better :)
Anyway, my mom does an awesome job every year planning
& throwing their parties & this year did not disappoint:

It was so freakin' hot that I opted to wear a buffalo plaid scarf
rather than a plaid button up like I had been planning
& Cam's outfit couldn't have been more perfect for the hot day.
She wore little denim bloomers from Baby Gap & 
a little plaid shirt from Old Navy.
& that toy tree, she ate that toy tree all damn day.
& Chris even wore his cowboy boots for a total of 5 minutes
& I am wishing so bad that I got a picture of this.

 My mom makes their cake every year & this year
she had each twin pick an animal so she could make them each their own.
These came out so cute & yes, those are marshmallows covering the sheep cake.

 The birthday boy & girl!
The biggest success of this party I'd have to say would be 
the horse & the goat that came, the kids absolutely loved them.
 I thought for sure Cam would freak of happiness
& she did....from afar...

I think this just might have been a little too close for comfort for her haha!

No tears, but also no smiles

The party turned out great & everybody had a blast.
I'm thinking of asking my mom to throw Camdyn's
1st birthday party for her.
Kind of ;)

September 26, 2014

Weekly Favorites

This girl & all of her teeny, tiny happiness
 & the fact that she's been gracing us with 2 1/2 hour naps in the afternoon this week.

When it comes to decorating I like subtle colors,
nothing too bright & bold because I tend to get sick of it.
Therefore, Home Goods was pretty much out of the question for me for fall/Halloween this year.
 I've DIY'd a lot of my decor & I love how everything has turned out.
I think I'll write a post next week dedicated solely to my little projects :)

Speaking of decorating
I had two random walls in my house that I had no idea what to do with
& I figured that out this week w/ some free printables I found off of Pinterest
& some white pictures frames from Christmas Tree Shop
Random kitchen wall:
Printables via
I swear they're all straight & even I must have been holding my phone crooked?
& I swear I didn't take my anger out on the wall- there's some sort
of beam behind the wall in the spot where all of those little holes are so the nails didn't get very far
eventually I gave up on that spot ... eventually.

Random dining room wall:
Printables via
Since Chris is from Oklahoma & I'm from Jersey I thought this was a perfect idea.
Originally these were some random colors but since grey is my favorite (not kidding)
I decided to save some color ink on my printer.
You can't tell from this photo but I took some glitter paint and colored the states
in with it to add some shine to them & I love it :)

The Voice & more specifically, Pharrell.
He's just so peaceful & has amazing insight.
I would definitely choose him.

I watched the new episode of Grey's Anatomy last night
& I kid you not I predicted 95% of the occurrences.
I don't know if I should be proud or not?
Anybody else able to predict everything???

Have a happy weekend :)
We're going to my brother & sisters' 4th birthday party tomorrow
it's farm themed & we can't wait!

September 23, 2014

DIY Birthday Invitation Pictures

When I first started thinking about Camdyn's birthday
I knew that I wanted to take the pictures for her invitation ourselves.
SO, Chris & I took our little Nikon Coolpix S9500, a white blanket, the fabric banner from 
her nursery & out onto our mini, front, townhouse lawn we went.

 What you'll need:
Adorable outfit
Something that represents the theme of the party
& some neighbors with amazingly cute puppies

Since her birthday party has a color "theme" of grey & peach (surprising huh?)
I figured we would dress her in all white & wrap the fabric banner, which
has pops of grey and peach, all around her.

The blanket was given to us as a gift
& the bubble that she's wearing is from H&M

& of course we topped her off with a little bow.
Which you'll notice we couldn't decide between two.

[One piece of advice is make sure you do this in the morning
or evening hours since in the afternoon the lighting causes
some major shadows on the face]

Getting a picture of Cam outside, with the morning commute 
passing through our neighborhood was not an easy feat.
& then she discovered the bushes behind her & was determined
to touch them. 50 million times.
here she is discovering the bushes

OH & she has resting grumpy face these days
so getting her to smile for us was nearly impossible

[I realized when we were finished that the blanket looked blue
& had a glare coming off of it- I think that was because it's an iridescent white fabric.
Amateur move?] 

our neighbors happened to walk by with their two little dogs 
& saved our photoshoot.
Dogs make this babe very, very happy.
& here is the picture that ended up on the front of her invitations :)
We used this theme from Tinyprints & I think they came out pretty awesome!

September 19, 2014

Weekly Favorites

Two of my best friends came over this week
& one of them just got a puppy
& this
might be my new favorite picture.
Cam LOVED him, except when he started kissing her.

I made this cream cheese filled pumpkin bread
& it was delicious.
Next on my list are these pumpkin spice cheesecake bars.

I've been seriously wondering why the song 
"Best I Ever Had" by Gavin Degraw
isn't more popular??
So catchy.

 Happy Halloween mail day this week!
I ordered Where is Baby's Pumpkin from Target
The "I'm Bootiful" onesie is from Old Navy
& right now it's only $4.47!

 Chris was bummed that one of his zip ups 
shrunk in the dryer.
But I, on the otherhand, am not so bummed ;)

Target's Halloween section.
Just go.
You might decide that you want to throw a Halloween party after.

September 17, 2014

What Camdyn Wore Wednesday

I love seeing all of the 'What I Wore Wednesday" posts
& since I basically live in sweats & tees all week
I thought documenting some of Cam's outfits was a MUCH better idea ;)

Denim vest with lace detailing is a hand me down

 Vest is old from Osh Kosh 
Boots are old from Old Navy (similar)
& the boots didn't last long.
My baby loves being barefoot

Target has a bunch of these beanies & we are obsessed
Next on our list is this candy corn one
Thanks Gigi!

September 12, 2014

Weekly Favorites

On Friday's I like to be random & list
my favorite things that happened this week:

These boots in "taupe"
They just look like the perfect combat boots
However, I'd rather spend that $180 on food, I'm serious, that's how I think.
ANYWAY, I did some searching & ultimately ordered
These boots in "cognac"
Again, I'm usually pretty satisfied with the quality of Target's shoes 
& saving that much money makes my my wallet smile :)

Becoming a mom did something to me & I am officially
obsessed with baking & cooking.
That being said my arms are starting to cramp up due to ferociously mixing away
So, this Kitchenaid mixer was put on my Christmas Halloween list ;)

Did you know TJ Maxx now has online shopping?!
I don't know if this is breaking news or I'm just late to the party
But either way,

I've had my eye on this for a couple weeks now & am kicking myself
for not buying it while Express was having an awesome sale
 I'm just waiting for it to go back on sale & in my cart it will go.

I made this fabric banner yesterday & I think it adds the
perfect touch of fall colors
to our little home :)

The fact that I woke up this morning &
my weather app said 58 degrees.

This girl wearing her denim vest & lace leggings.

Have a good weekend! :)

September 8, 2014

Camdyn's Nursery

When we first found out that we were having a girl
I knew that I wanted her nursery to be something soft & simple.
Being that grey is like my FAVORITE color I had to incorporate that into my plans & decided that peach was an awesome girly alternative to pink.

I won't lie her nursery is still a work in progress but here goes:

We opted out of getting a changing table/dresser combo because we figured we would just be changing Cam wherever her little booty happened to be & we were so right.
So we just got this cheap & simple white dresser from Target.

 That "C" is from Marshall's & was the first decor that I bought for her room once we knew for sure her name :)
The glass canister is from Home Goods & is where we keep all of her bows & headbands.

This beautiful stain glass art was made by Chris' mom
She passed away this summer & we miss her SO much but this picture always
reminds me of how much she loved Camdyn & how amazing she was.

The little lamp was an old one that my mom had & it's perfect for her room; small & simple
Those little porcelain shows are from Italy & smell like baby powder; they seriously made her whole room smell like it & it is perfect.

The wall decal I ordered off of a shop on Etsy
& the fabric banners below it I made when I was about 33 weeks pregnant
It was so simple to make & really adds a lot to her little room

This is my favorite little spot in her room
I love how the window is right there
& her little basket full of stuffed animals which she just recently discovered.
Girl LOVES her stuffed animals

This blanket is another beautiful gift that Chris' mom made
Those are little bears stitched into it- obsessed.

Until we get a bookshelf (which I've been on the hunt for)
these little side pockets on the rocker are where we keep her books.
We don't read every night, but this would be really convenient if we did :)

Her stuffed animal collection 

My other favorite corner of the room
Those are tissue paper poofs above her crib
I figured they could take the place of a mobile, but nope I don't think she's ever even noticed them HA

The bird paperweight & the star were both finds from Home Goods
& that little lamb is from Gund

Two more Home Goods finds
(why yes we have a Home Goods 2 minutes from our house, why do you ask?)
That "dream" plaque was originally white but we painted it

 The little gallery wall.
I just love the randomness that gallery walls can be.
The wall arts were all either from Hobby Lobby or Home Goods.
The pictures in the frames need to be updated, BAD
but I just can't get rid of the cheeky, newborn Cam

This little random basket we found at Home Goods for like $3 
It was a bright yellow color but we spray painted it grey
& now it is the home of Cam's diapers & diaper supples.

This little wicker drawer was originally a whole bunch of wood colors
but Chris painted it & then it fit perfectly.
Now it's just the random little dresser in Cam's room that holds all of the random things
that have no better place to be put :)

& this is what I call the most random spot that I don't know what to do with.
Here lies all of Cam's dirty clothes & my favorite family picture, ever.

Her room still has a lot to be done but I'm kind of digging the simplicity of it.
Just a little heads up; if you do decide to use peach in your color scheme
expect to paint a lot of things yourself.  It's like way hard to find peach decor.