April 28, 2014

Weekend Love 4/28

Let me just start off this post by mentioning that TEETHING BLOWS. To be honest I'm not sure if it's teething or just our run of the mill growth spurt that's causing Cam's awful sleep regression but I sure am OVER IT
SO much has been happening this past week; she's almost sitting up on her own, she's army crawling everywhere & we're working on eating solids 
 She's already tried bananas & was not a fan so I decided to try apples... she literally gagged on each spoonful I gave her. BUT when I gave her an actual piece of apple in her mesh feeder she LOVED it. So I'm thinking she just isn't a fan of the texture of pureed food or she just has to get used to it.
Since I talked about what Camdyn's been eating I figured I'd discuss what Chris & I have been eating. UGH summer 2014 here I come...
This happened for the first time & she loved it. So much better than her car seat for people watching.

Sunday we went to visit my Dad & Bev. We went into a few open houses just to have a looksy and let's just say they confirmed our obsession with Westfield, seriously the most beautiful town with the most beautiful homes.
One day we want to live on this street.
She loves smooches.

 & sleeping. Smooches & sleeping :)

April 24, 2014

Easter Weekend Love

Saturday we headed down to south Jersey to visit my Grandmom & some of my aunts and cousins. It was Camdyn's first time meeting everybody & she had so much fun- she seriously just loves being around tons of people, I think she likes to people watch just like her mom & dad ;)

She wore this little outfit which actually used to be mine. It is too precious.
OH & of course we didn't use our camera once the whole time we were visiting. So this is like the only picture that we have.

Easter morning we gave Cam her first Easter basket- she was actually really curious about it and dug through it.

Let's just say that I had my first big "new mom meltdown" on Easter morning (of all days) Why you ask? Oh just over deviled eggs. In my defense I think making those things could make anybody cry, crazy hormones or not.  I think I just needed some sleep because Camdyn has been teething which is destroying our nights. So Chris took her over to my mom's for dinner & I napped an amazing hour & a half HAHA. New mom hormones are seriously no joke. Neither are deviled eggs. Or saran wrap.

These bunny bum shorts were also mine when I was a babe & they are seriously the sweetest.
I'll leave you with this.. have you ever seen something so cruel & unusual in your life???

April 18, 2014

Camdyn's First Easter Basket

Making Easter baskets MIGHT be one of my new favorite things.
 The basket itself & the grass I got from Target.
This book is too cute.
These will be perfect for bath time and they squeak!
 She has one MAM pacifier & it's definitely been her favorite so I decided to buy her a few more
 This wooden teether is from Alexandra Rose. It's peach and perfect.
& lastly, I stuck these headbands in there, even though she's already worn both of them, like 10 times each, the colors just looked so perfect in her little basket.

Happy Easter :)

April 16, 2014

Five Reasons We Love Target This Week

These peplum baby zip ups. I found these on clearance for $3 & originally they were only $5.. Circo really does make the cutest, cheapest baby clothes

Anchor baby bikini. OBSESSED.. now if I can convince Chris that Cam just need oneeee more bathing suit we NEED this one

These wedges. So perfect.

& as usual their amazing sandal selection. I went a little overboard with the shoe shopping for this summer but that's okay because last summer my pregnant self couldn't fit into any of my sandals :) 

My mom got me this set for my birthday & it is PERFECT for summer meals out on our little deck


April 14, 2014

Weekend Love 4/12

Finally we had hot weather!! & on a weekend, ugh so perfect.
That little sun hat, I can't even deal. H&M, you're the best.
We put that box under her little feet because she's still too short to reach the bottom so it gets the job done

 Saturday night my parents had a birthday party to go to so we watched the twins. Cam seriously loves them, I'm so thankful that she'll have them growing up

 I took a picture, looked at my phone for 2 seconds, looked back & her giant headband was covering her eyes. That happens ALL THE TIME & the hilarious thing is she won't even cry or whine she'll just sit there
These jammies make me so happy. I found them at Babies R Us

 Sunday I wore a sundress & sandals and it made me so happy :)
I might have jumped the gun just a littleeee & packed away all of my chilly weather clothes before checking this week's forecast, woops.

April 9, 2014

Takings Pics like a Pro

 Like a week before my due date, Chris and I were doing a late night Target run for some essentials when we passed the electronics section.  As soon as I saw the digital cameras, my impulsive self decided that we needed to buy one right then and there. I mean we needed to have a better camera than our iPhones' to document our new babe's life. We picked up one that had wifi and looked really nice and decided to go with the Nikon S9500. Needless to say we had NO idea what we were doing with this camera so $400 and like 5 hours worth of tears later we finally got some he hang of it.. I think:

April 7, 2014

Weekend Love 4/5

 This weekend was my 24th birthday. And that carrot cake right there was the most delicious thing I've ever tasted, thanks Mama!
 I will never look graceful blowing out candles, it's just not in the cards for me.
 My boo boos

I told myself that I'd learn how to use our digital camera & that I'd take a LOT more pictures this year. We'll see how that goes :)

April 3, 2014

5 Months

That monthly picture is the best I'm going to get from here on out; kicking and flailing her little arms is like her favorite exercise.
The other picture was taken for her aunt Allison's birthday, and I LOVE IT: her face, those little peace sign jammies & that Target notepad.

March brought some warmer days which was awesome because we could finally cure our cabin fever.

THIS happened. Our doctor told us at her 4 month appointment that if she seems ready, she can try solids at 5 months. She would literally lick her lips while she watched Chris and I eat, so there's that.  We'll probably wait until she's 6 months to incorporate solids into everyday.

Bow: Eola Ella
She celebrated her first St. Patty's day. Ugh, there is just something about babies in t-shirts and leggings.

Okay these headbands I have to rave about.  The fabric is awesome, I got to pick out which headbands I wanted for each bow, and there are a TON of options. Not to mention that she has awesome prices and customer service.

Diet: Still nursing 5-6 times. 

Sleep: So we haven't gotten past the sleeping in our bed barrier yet BUT we've gotten the napping in her crib down, YAY!  She'll usually take 2 naps each day in there lasting anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.  If we have an off day and she doesn't fall asleep in her crib after like 30 minutes, we'll just stick her in her swing and that always does the trick.  
We're trying to work on making her bedtime earlier, like 8 PM rather than 10 PM with us, and along with that trying to get her to wake up earlier, like 8 AM rather than 11 AM (queue Emoji embarrassed face).

Milestones: She grabs her tootsies! and she loves them, anytime we lay her down she'll instantly reach for them.
Tried bananas
Will finally sleep on her belly without any complaints, I think she finally realized it's the most comfy way to sleep
She made a full circle around her Bright Starts exersaucer
She can kindaaaa sit up on her own for like 5 seconds then falls right over stiff as a board.
SHE GIGGLED! I was starting to think she wasn't born with a sense of humor... ;)
She wriggle worms her way around. Now if she could just figure out how to get up on her hands and knees she'll be golden.

Favs: Being nakey
Still loves the baby carrier, she can literally be in it for 2 hours and still be content..I tried it..at Home Goods.
Aiyley and Cayden (her 3 1/2 year old aunt and uncle) she LOVES to watch them play.
Chewing on everything. Other than the extreme fussiness she shows every sign of teething.
Falling asleep sitting upright while Daddy holds her like so:


Not so Favs: Still not a huge fan of tummy time, but she's getting better at realizing that she can easily flip herself back over.
She's starting to not like her Vitamin D supplement, I don't blame her.
Laying on the same play mat or sitting in the same exersaucer for more than 20 minutes.