October 31, 2014

Weekly Favorites

Having a babe really makes the holidays
SO much more fun & exciting.
I don't think I've been this excited for Halloween
since 8th grade, okay maybe senior year of college
but still, you get the point ;)

 These tutu tights will forever be my favorite
oh & the fact that our baby is drinking milk now.
Hallelujah, no more mixing bottles!

My cousin is pregnant & we couldn't be more excited
for Cam to have a new little bestie cousin.

These cookies from Trader Joes-
I could eat the entire thing in one sitting
 & so could Cam ;)

My fiance who picked up drawing just a few months
ago & can amazingly draw this. Like, what??
Lineman by day, artist by night.

Cam's 1st birthday party is on Sunday
& I am SO excited.
Mostly because of this 5 lb bag of yogurt covered pretzels
that I ordered for the favor bags
 Seriously though, Nuts.com is amazing
I ordered these at noon on Monday & they arrived on my
doorstep at 10:30 AM on Tuesday.

next is Cam's birthday
& then Thanksgiving
& then Christmas.
I LOVE this time of year :)

Linking up, for the first time ever, with Christina

October 30, 2014

Tutu Wearing Candy Corn

Being that the high for tomorrow is only like 55 degrees
Cam's costume may be a bit too light for trick or treating
SO, she will be wearing it today :)
Good thing we have a back up for tomorrow ;)

My tutu wearing candy corn:
How awesome is this candy corn headband?

Have a Happy Halloween! :)

October 27, 2014

The Past Couple of Weeks

With Chris working weekends again (BOO!)
our weekends haven't been TOO eventful
except for last weekend of course

The day after we got engaged Cam was sick & I had the worst hair appointment of my life.
Yep, my roots were dyed orange. Why, I do not know.
But don't worry the next day Cam's fever was gone & she was back to her
normal, happy self & so were my roots ;)

 We FINALLY took the plunge & invested in an awesome camera
so we've been putting that to good use this past week, like so,

She gets her Packers genes from her Pop-pop ;)

Anyway, back to party planning I go, I cannot believe my 
babe is going to be ONE on Sunday!

October 24, 2014

Weekly Favorites

The tangerine flavor

An infinite amount of water.


& the humidifier.

If you couldn't tell our household has been sick this week.
First it was Camdyn, then Chris & I started feeling a little sick but
we chugged some Emergen-C, drank lots of water & made sure to just take it easy
& we're feeling MUCH better now, just in time for the weekend :)

OH, & this all started on the night that we got engaged :)
But more on that next week when I'm feeling refreshed & ready to chat, or type rather.

Happy weekend!

October 17, 2014

Weekly Favorites

I am in full on party planning mode, I cannot
believe that Cam's birthday is in almost 2 weeks, AHH.
We're hosting two birthday parties, one for family & one
for close friends (only because our townhouse is a wee bit too small to fit 50 people at once)
I feel like I'm on schedule, but at the same time I feel so far behind.
I just keep telling myself that everything does NOT have to be perfect 
except the food, the food has to be perfect ;)

Chris & I went away by ourselves for the first time since Cam's 
been born to Virginia for my cousin's wedding.
I will say that going away without you baby is kind of like Vegas,
 you only need about 1 night & you're good.
Especially if alcohol is involved.
We missed our babe so much, but it was definitely a good time.


I bought this raglan from Target this morning 
to wear on Halloween because I just couldn't help myself.
I went in for birthday supplies & strictly birthday supplies,
yet I left with a pumpkin raglan & 4 boxes of lean pockets, sigh.

I'm so excited to post all about my DIY projects for
Cam's birthday once the party is over.
I was going to post as I went, but I didn't want to ruin
 the surprises for her big day ;)

I love Trader Joes.
I feel like I've written this before, but I really do.
I think I'm going to write a post solely about them
& all of their goodness, especially their corn chili.

The fact that Target has their Christmas stuff up 
right next to their Halloween stuff
A lot of people hate on this, but I think it's so exciting!
I've already started singing Christmas carols to Cam, she loves it.

October 14, 2014

Pinned & Loved

Ask anybody that I know & they will tell you that
If you look at my Pinterest food it's 50% food & 50% cute babies.
My two favorite things ;)
Here's some meals that I've pinned recently & we have loved:

I have been searching forever for a sweet sloppy joe recipe
I remember my grandmom making these when we were little
& this recipe has got to be close to hers- love it! & it's super easy

I had never heard of this before
but it is delicious & again super easy
My favorite part is the sauce & personally, call me crazy, but 
I like it better without the fried onions on top.

I can't really give Pinterest the credit for this one
since my stepdad is the guy who introduced us to this
but I had to share it because it is probably my favorite meat dish ever.
& AGAIN so easy, just throw the 6 ingredients
in the crock pot & your good to go.
Definitely eat the peppers when it's all done cooking YUM.

So delicious, with the perfect amount of sweetness.

This is my go to chili recipe
I love having chili cooking in the crock pot all day it
just makes our home feel so cozy & smell delicious.

October 8, 2014

Some Simple Fall Decor

Considering that I've only been decorating my own place for
a little over a year now, I'd have to say that fall decor 
might be my favorite.
I just love the simple color scheme & it blends
 right in with our usual stuff :)

This year I decided to test my crafty side & put my Pinterest account to good use

I found this printable on Pinterest
I think it's the perfect little saying for our little entryway

I made this fabric banner for a random wall
that I just had no idea what to do with.
It was so simple to make; I just cut up a bunch of fabric pieces
& tied them around a long strand of string.
What I love most about this is that it can be imperfect but still look pretty.

I picked up some of the orange, foam pumpkins from the Dollar Tree
& spray painted them white 
Props to Dollar Tree on that gold pumpkin though ;)

A simple little leaf banner for our mirror.
I got the leaves from the Dollar Tree & just bought
white craft paint from Michaels, gave them about two coats & was satisfied.
The mini clothespins are from Hobby Lobby.
I love how the orange & red colors are still poking through & again, I love
how they don't need to be perfect to be pretty

& of course we need to decorate our baby, right? ;)

As you can tell, I'm an amateur at crafting & decorating in general
but these easy ideas made our home feel festive in no time :)

October 6, 2014

A Perfect Fall Day

I cannot get over how perfect of a fall day Sunday was
it was chilly but beautiful & this little fall festival was just calling our names

The world's cutest & tiniest aunt & uncle joined us :)

They had a little corn maze which was an awesome shelter from the
FREEZING winds & we managed to find our way out in under 5 minutes, yay!

Cam was so tired afterwards that she fell asleep in the
 car at a record speed of 2 minutes
SO Chris & I took advantage of this by driving to Sonic to get some 
cheesy tator tots & cheesecake bites
Chris was happier about this than he looks, I promise ;)

When we got home I plopped my pretty new mums
& pumpkins down on our porch
& called it a day :)

October 3, 2014

Weekly Favorites

It's October & we could not be more excited
Cam has some amazing festive outfits & jammies to wear for the next month
& I kicked it off with this little number, LOVE.

I hadn't been in a while since the closest one is about a half hour away
& in NJ you never know how traffic is going to be at any time of the day,
BUT my mom & I sucked it up and decided to go this week & I sure am glad we did.

This candle
 Mine from last season is almost out & I want to cry
good thing Bath & Body Works is only 10 minutes away ;)

This recipe from Six Sisters' Stuff
It is AMAZING, throw it over some white rice.

 This buffalo plaid scarf that I found at Forever 21 for $5
I love it so much, I can't find it online so I'm assuming that it was left
over from last year?

Have an awesome weekend! :)

October 2, 2014

11 Months

In only a month my baby will be a year old... WHAT?!
I seriously cannot wrap my head around how fast this year has gone by
yet at the same time it feels like so long ago that this girl couldn't even roll over.

So different yet so the same.
Monthly StickersApple Eye Baby Shop

This month has brought on a HUGE milestone
Not like walk everywhere all the time walking, 
but walk when she feels like it type walking.

We're so excited, yet so nervous at the same time
Luckily, Chris had off of work yesterday so we installed the gate to block
her from the stairs/kitchen/front door JUST in case she gets too fast for me to keep up.

We got her first trick or treat bucket. 
I'm so excited that in just a few weeks it will be filled with 
candy for us parents to eat, YES ;)

She touched her first real pumpkin & wore
these adorable leggings both in the same day.
Can you tell we're so excited for October around here??

& I discovered that my infant daughter has a cuter wardrobe than I do.

Moccs: AvrieBlue  
Bow: JumpingandJellyBean 
Pants: Baby Gap

Diet: It's basically the same as last month, only now I try to give her 3 snacks a day as well.
& she still begs like a pup whenever she sees me or Chris eating anything & she's not invited to the party.

Milestones: WALKING!
She's started to dance whenever she hears music & I'm obsessed
Top two teeth are poking through!
I think that she's starting to realize that two naps a day is for the birds, yikes.
She's figured out how to use sippy cups!

Favs: Eating just about everything
Her daddy (what else is new?)
Disney Jr. channel
Attempting to run then face planting onto our oh so soft couch pillows
Being held 
Pulling all of the bags of chips off of our open shelf in the kitchen
Chewing on jewelry- is my baby strange?
Not So Favs: The new gate that we installed yesterday
Waiting for more than 2 seconds for her bottle when she decides that she wants one
 Getting dressed
Momma's Not So Favs:

Discovering that her hair is DEFINITELY way too long for her baby mohawks :/
 Another big milestone is coming for all of us this month
Chris & I are going to my cousins wedding next weekend & we're 
both leaving Cam for the first time for TWO nights.
Luckily, I have the greatest best friends who are coming to stay at
our place to watch her so I know she'll be absolutely fine.
I just hope that I'll be fine! ;)