January 29, 2015

Baby Gap Love

As far as Baby Gap goes I can only shop in store.
They seem to have WAY better prices
in store (more sales) & just like when
I'm shopping for myself I just need to 
see them in person, am I cray?

Anyway, I had some Gapcash so I 
decided to pop in today & they
happened to also be having an AMAZING
sale- like 50% off all sale items sale.

I got these four items & one more tee for only
$28 after using my Gapcash- winning!

Thisclose to getting these:

January 27, 2015


There is a whole lotta this

mixed with some of this

because of these

& this guy

had to go work on the power lines
in Boston because of this

Thank goodness for this

& Gigi only living 5 minutes away
because we might be hibernating here until
Daddy gets back home.
Or maybe until spring, who knows.

January 15, 2015

The Bow Rebel

Welp guys, it's official,
Cam's a bow hater.
The second I put one in,
she rips it right out.

I might be more sad than I 
should be about this.
I just want her to wear pretty,
sparkly bows every damn day.

 Here mom, youuuu can take this back.

Okay, you don't want it?
I'll just eat it & stare you straight
in the eyes while I do it.
Just for effect.

At least she lets me dress
her in humungous, furry vests.
We'll see how long that lasts, sigh.

Oh, & the fabulous,
purple, sparkly bow is

We'll try again tomorrow ;)

January 13, 2015

Some Toddler Must Haves

Now that Cam's a TODDLER
like, what??
we've established that there
are quite a few things that make
the days go just a little bit smoother ;)

I started giving this blanket to Cam
when she was like 6 months old.
Everytime I lay her in her crib
she pops in her paci & rubs her
little blanket on her face until she falls asleep.

Gymboree classes.
Or anything similar.
This age is so perfect to introduce
them to other babes & it's so
cute to see them interact.
Not to mention it helps with the
cabin fever that the winter brings 'round here.

A must for the baby stage
a must for the toddler stage.
These are our saving grace
during the grueling 10 minute car rides
that we have to take to get basically anywhere.
I just hand her a mum-mum 
or three
& she's good.
 Just like her mama,
food makes her happy.

Okay, these are genius.
The plastic wipe cases just seem
to take up so much more room than
these & they have a lanyard 
to hang them anywhere so they don't get lost in
the deep, dark abyss that is the diaper bag.
& when you have a toddler, wipes
are VERY necessary for things far
beyond the diaper such as; hand germs, boogs,
& the amazing snack pouch messes.

Surprisingly, these things keep
Cam occupied for like hours
& she's actually quite the architect

January 9, 2015

Friday Favorites

American Idol
Chris & I started watching it this season
& it seems like they show a lot less
of the horrible auditions than they used to.

Disney World
We officially booked our trip to
the happiest place & I CAN NOT WAIT.
We're road tripping down so any & all
advice on road tripping with a toddler is welcome :)

We decided to join this week & although
it's the most overwhelming store in all the land
I think I like it.
mainly because of all the free samples.

This outfit.
Cam wore this on New Year's Eve
& it was just perfect.
The outfit is Truly Scrumptious 
& the moccs are Hellomoccs

70 days until the first day of spring.

January 6, 2015

A Snow Day

Cam's snow day lasted about
5 minutes & it was 5 minutes of pure joy.
As you can tell here:

& here:
Yeaaaah, she had no reaction to it.
She kind of just stood there, frozen.
Figuratively speaking. Don't worry she was well bundled ;)


January 2, 2015

Hey Baby, I Think I Wanna

SO, as if the holidays weren't enough
we decided to extend the excitement
& go ahead & get married the day after Christmas.

As tired as we were from all of
the previous days' festivities
I wouldn't have it any other way
& am so happy/proud/smitten
to finally call this man my husband

I think Cam's pretty stoked
about it too

I think this girl enjoyed
the day almost as much as
mommy & daddy :)

& of course, some champs.

We plan on having an actual
ceremony/celebration with all of our
close family & friends in a year or two
but until then...

I'm officially a wifey! :)