September 30, 2014

A Farm Themed Birthday Party

This weekend was my baby twin siblings' 4th birthday party.
Yes, Cam has an aunt and and uncle who are 4.
Crazy, huh?
I love it though- they're basically like her cousins, only better :)
Anyway, my mom does an awesome job every year planning
& throwing their parties & this year did not disappoint:

It was so freakin' hot that I opted to wear a buffalo plaid scarf
rather than a plaid button up like I had been planning
& Cam's outfit couldn't have been more perfect for the hot day.
She wore little denim bloomers from Baby Gap & 
a little plaid shirt from Old Navy.
& that toy tree, she ate that toy tree all damn day.
& Chris even wore his cowboy boots for a total of 5 minutes
& I am wishing so bad that I got a picture of this.

 My mom makes their cake every year & this year
she had each twin pick an animal so she could make them each their own.
These came out so cute & yes, those are marshmallows covering the sheep cake.

 The birthday boy & girl!
The biggest success of this party I'd have to say would be 
the horse & the goat that came, the kids absolutely loved them.
 I thought for sure Cam would freak of happiness
& she did....from afar...

I think this just might have been a little too close for comfort for her haha!

No tears, but also no smiles

The party turned out great & everybody had a blast.
I'm thinking of asking my mom to throw Camdyn's
1st birthday party for her.
Kind of ;)