April 28, 2014

Weekend Love 4/28

Let me just start off this post by mentioning that TEETHING BLOWS. To be honest I'm not sure if it's teething or just our run of the mill growth spurt that's causing Cam's awful sleep regression but I sure am OVER IT
SO much has been happening this past week; she's almost sitting up on her own, she's army crawling everywhere & we're working on eating solids 
 She's already tried bananas & was not a fan so I decided to try apples... she literally gagged on each spoonful I gave her. BUT when I gave her an actual piece of apple in her mesh feeder she LOVED it. So I'm thinking she just isn't a fan of the texture of pureed food or she just has to get used to it.
Since I talked about what Camdyn's been eating I figured I'd discuss what Chris & I have been eating. UGH summer 2014 here I come...
This happened for the first time & she loved it. So much better than her car seat for people watching.

Sunday we went to visit my Dad & Bev. We went into a few open houses just to have a looksy and let's just say they confirmed our obsession with Westfield, seriously the most beautiful town with the most beautiful homes.
One day we want to live on this street.
She loves smooches.

 & sleeping. Smooches & sleeping :)


  1. Ugh, this post is too much sweet! And, that plate is full of win! I loved our mesh feeder, so many yummies to put in.

    1. The mesh feeder is the best for teething too! :)