August 5, 2015

We're Back!

Time to dust off our little piece of the internet

Life has been crazy, 
which is the only excuse I can make
for my lack of blogging about our
crazy life with a toddler.
Turns out house hunting & buying a home
take up a lot more time than I expected.
(kidding, kind of)

On July 20th, after 4 months of searching
we are officially homeowners & are SO EXCITED.

We got VERY lucky & found a home
in the town that we wanted, in an amazing
little neighborhood, in our price range
& all that needed to be done was some floor
staining & some wall painting.
(& some shrub pulling)

Oh, & there is a Target, Ulta, Starbucks
& Chick fil a walking distance from our house.
(That's what really sold me)

Before we could move in we wanted
to have the downstairs completely done
for the obvious reason that attempting
to paint with a toddler would probably = HELL.

So here are some before & afters of what we
have done so far.

Here is the listing pictures of the living room
which they were using as a dining room

Here is a before shot of the living room
once we were in the house:

during the process:

& after:

Here is the dining room from the listing pictures
which they were using as the formal living room:
The walls were an olive green color that
 made the room feel super small.
(I could not have ripped those curtains down quick enough)

Here is our dining room in the process:

& after the floors were stained

The staircase also got stained
but it's still a work in process
that should be finished up today (thanks boo!)

We move in on Saturday &
I will continue to post 
all about our process,
& of course, about life with
 this little nugget.

This is going to be fun!