February 12, 2014

3 Months

On February 2nd, along with the Super Bowl, this girl turned 3 months old.  I remember the first week home with her I kept thinking to myself, "I cannot wait until she is 3 months old," because I came up with this crazy theory that would be when things would get a whole lot easier.  Surprisingly, I was right.  Not to say that life is a piece of cake now, but it definitely has become a lot more predictable and a lot less stressful.

This babe is not a huge fan of tummy time and honestly, neither am I, BUT she loves her play mat. Each morning when we first go downstairs she'll play on her mat for a solid 30 minutes while I make myself breakfast and watch an episode of Fresh Prince or Full House.

I FINALLY figured out how I can go to the food store with Cam in tow, this baby carrier was a struggle to figure out, but once I did it was a life saver.  This girl loves to just see the world upright, if you hold her laying down forget about it so she loves this carrier too.

She recently discovered her hands, and along with that discovered our hands and has a fascination with them.  Seriously, she can play with them for like 20 minutes straight, she's even fallen asleep holding them a few times which is like the cutest thing ever.

Weight: At her 2 month appointment, which was more like 2 1/2 months, she weighed 10.5 lbs (14th percentile) so I'm assuming that she weighs about 11.5 now.

Height: She was 22 in (14th percentile) so I'm guessing that she's maybe 23 inches now?

Diet: Since the beginning of January I have been exclusively nursing.

Sleep: Usually she'll sleep from about 9-10 and wake up once around 2-3, then wake up again around 6-7.  This is when I'll bring her in bed with me and we'll usually sleep for another hour and a half, then we'll get up for the morning.  
As for naps, she always naps for about 2-3 hours every morning from about 10:30-1:30.  After that she is kind of all over the place, but she'll usually take about 2 more little naps (45 min - 1 hour) before bedtime.

Favs:  - diaper changes, her swing, her playmat, when daddy talks to her, when I sing "The Story of my Life" (horribly) to her, playing with our hands, sitting up.  She just started getting SO excited to see me after her nap, she'll kick her legs like crazy and and smile real big, OBSESSED.

Not so Favs: not being able to see us when she wants to, tummy time, when I make certain weird sounds with my mouth (she will literally start to tear up then the second I stop gets the biggest smile), getting the hiccups, being overtired: THE WORST.


  1. Your daughter is ADORABLE! Welcome to the fun, but crazy world of blogging! Let me know if you have any questions at all!