March 22, 2014

What to Keep in Mind for Our Next Bambino

During Camdyn's first 4 1/2 months of life we have been through about 1,349 different baby products.  Out of those 1,349 different products, Cam and I have decided that we love about 10.  We're still going through trial and error of different products and methods that make Cam, Chris and I all happy but here's a bunch of things that we totally need to remember for when we have another newbie:

1. Zippers, zippers, zippers : We absolutely loathe button sleepers, outfits, pants, you name it.  After having a newborn who needs to be changed just about every 20 minutes and then having a 4 month old who kicks nonstop while your trying to get her dressed, I'm sure you will too.  I will admit that she has quite a few jammies and outfits that have buttons just because I couldn't resist their cuteness, but I know on those day I will be the only one changing Cam's diaper because when Chris has to deal with buttons this is what happens :

2.  H&M onesies : These onesies are the bomb. Cam hates when we struggle to get onesies over her head, which happens with just about any other brand that we own, but H&M's organic cottons are just so stretchy and go on with such ease. And because they're made from organic cotton they are the softest most huggable material ever. AND they come in awesome colors including black and baby blue which I couldn't find like anywhere else.

3. Reusable nursing pads : The first month home when I was all emotional and nursing was a
serious trainwreck the last things I wanted to deal with were the uncomfortable disposable nursing pads that I had to change out every couple hours.  I bought these and they are the comfiest.

SWING : I know this is like a "DUH" purchase but it had to be included because it was seriously the best when Cam was a newbie.  We got the Fisher Price Little Snugapuppy and she slept in this thing all the time. Even now when I can't get her to nap in her crib I just stick her in there and she's out. The only downside of our swing is the giant size, I'll keep in mind for our next bambino to get a small, easily portable swing, that way if I'm downstairs I can have the baby down there with me and if I'm upstairs the same. This one is so cute and gender neutral which is perfect to pass down from babe to babe.

5. Multiple exersaucers and play mats : Now I know this isn't exactly practical but I've found that Cam gets bored and she gets bored QUICK.  Luckily, we were gifted two exersaucers and two play mats so whenever I notice the chick getting a little fussy, I'll just move her to the next play area and it's like she resets..for a good 5 minutes and then we start the process all over :)  Another easier, and more practical, option is just to switch out the toys that are hanging from the play mat or sitting on the exersaucer, that works just as well.

6. Co-sleeper : One thing I learned when becoming a momma is that whatever you said you were or were not going to do with your baby, before you actually had the baby, all gets tossed out the window. Never would I imagine that I would be sharing our bed with Cam, but we are; it was easier for us, it was easier for her and we all were able to (occasionally) get a good night's sleep in those first couple months.  Anyway, I just recently received a co-sleeper from an awesome mom who didn't need hers anymore and I'll admit I wish I had splurged on one of these from the get-go. What's awesome about the 
Arm's Reach Cosleeper is that once you're over the whole co-sleeping thing, you can switch it into a regular bassinet, and if you get the extreme version it can also turn into a play yard!

7. A fan (or some type of white noise) : Seriously, this is a must if you want to do anything while you're baby is sleeping. Since we live in a townhouse any noises happening downstairs can be heard upstairs and that can be an issue when I want to basically do anything in the kitchen while Camdyn is napping. They make a ton of different white noise machines for babies, even some that are hidden in cute little sheep

Love this little fam of mine :)


  1. I totally agree on the noise machine. My kids are 4 and 2 and still sleep with one! A couple of other things I loved were a bouncer seat and once they could sit up, the Bumpo chair :)

    1. Yes! My daughter is just starting to sit up and we can tell the Bumbo is going to be a favorite for sure :)

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