May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Love

This past week was a rough one; first Cam was sick & then I got sick just in time for the weekend AND Chris has been working 15-17 hour days.

BUT life goes on because it was seriously the nicest weekend EVER.

Friday & Saturday mainly consisted of Cam & I running in and out of every Home Goods & Target within a 20 mile radius of us.  More on that later.

 Sunday we went to visit my Dad & Bev
This is what getting ready looks like for me as of late :)

I got this dress at a garage sale for like $2 & I'm obsessed with it. Babies in halter dresses might be my new favorite.

We'd been waiting for a gorgeous day like Sunday our whole lives- literally ;)

Sunday night Camdyn hit the biggest milestone yet.
I was not feeling good one bit so I said, "Cam, you are going in your crib tonight"
& in her crib she went. After about an hour of me going in there every 10 minutes to let her know everything is going to be alright, she fell asleep. & she slept for 12 HOURS. I was in shock. HAPPY shock. I will forever cherish the first 6 months of Cam sleeping in the bed with me, it was easy and it was sweet, but I'm ready to have my sleep back :)

Anyway, Memorial Day we spent at my Mom's just hanging outside
I was SO excited when I found her this little Old Navy bikini for all of the patriotic holidays this summer

 & this was her at about 6:30. DONE.

This week we're just going to be getting ready for Chris' mom to come and visit from Oklahoma. It will be mine & Camdyn's first time meeting her & we cannot wait :)

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  1. oh man that halter dress IS the prettiest!!! And, a baby bikini!! So cute! Do you have problems with it twisting off point? I'd think I'd have to keep fixing it if Aria was running around in one.