May 19, 2014

Week Love 5/12

Since I didn't document life very well this weekend with my camera, I'm going to share our love through last week..
Monday I took my favorite picture that I have ever taken:
 She's so proud of her hard working Daddy :)

Tuesday My mom, Cam & I went down to the town that we used to live in to check out a possible new place for us
BUT, we came to the conclusion that where we live is an awesome location, awesome price for size & we're too lazy to pack up all of our stuff & move just to rent a place for a year or two
P.S. I realized halfway through the day that I was wearing my David Yurman on THAT finger .. oops

 Wednesday Camdyn rocked the cutest little denim jumper
AND Chris picked it out which makes it even cuter

 Friday: these two.

Walks on Daddy's shoulders are wayyyy better than in the stroller.
 Saturday I got the best belated Mother's Day gift in the mail from Chris
it says "Motherly Love" on one side & Camdyn Grace is engraved on the other.

 Sunday Chris worked 12 hours so Cam & I went to my parents for a BBQ
 & she wore the cutest little ballerina baseball tee all the way from Italy

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  1. She is too cute with her daddy in those middle pictures!!!