April 18, 2014

Camdyn's First Easter Basket

Making Easter baskets MIGHT be one of my new favorite things.
 The basket itself & the grass I got from Target.
This book is too cute.
These will be perfect for bath time and they squeak!
 She has one MAM pacifier & it's definitely been her favorite so I decided to buy her a few more
 This wooden teether is from Alexandra Rose. It's peach and perfect.
& lastly, I stuck these headbands in there, even though she's already worn both of them, like 10 times each, the colors just looked so perfect in her little basket.

Happy Easter :)


  1. ohmygosh, the pic of her in her bunny ears...so sweet, you're killing me! I love those headband bows, I so wish Aria would let me put anything on her head. What a perfect basket for such a little one.

    1. Thank you! I know she probably won't let me put them on her in a few months so I'm trying to get it all out now ;)