April 24, 2014

Easter Weekend Love

Saturday we headed down to south Jersey to visit my Grandmom & some of my aunts and cousins. It was Camdyn's first time meeting everybody & she had so much fun- she seriously just loves being around tons of people, I think she likes to people watch just like her mom & dad ;)

She wore this little outfit which actually used to be mine. It is too precious.
OH & of course we didn't use our camera once the whole time we were visiting. So this is like the only picture that we have.

Easter morning we gave Cam her first Easter basket- she was actually really curious about it and dug through it.

Let's just say that I had my first big "new mom meltdown" on Easter morning (of all days) Why you ask? Oh just over deviled eggs. In my defense I think making those things could make anybody cry, crazy hormones or not.  I think I just needed some sleep because Camdyn has been teething which is destroying our nights. So Chris took her over to my mom's for dinner & I napped an amazing hour & a half HAHA. New mom hormones are seriously no joke. Neither are deviled eggs. Or saran wrap.

These bunny bum shorts were also mine when I was a babe & they are seriously the sweetest.
I'll leave you with this.. have you ever seen something so cruel & unusual in your life???

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