April 14, 2014

Weekend Love 4/12

Finally we had hot weather!! & on a weekend, ugh so perfect.
That little sun hat, I can't even deal. H&M, you're the best.
We put that box under her little feet because she's still too short to reach the bottom so it gets the job done

 Saturday night my parents had a birthday party to go to so we watched the twins. Cam seriously loves them, I'm so thankful that she'll have them growing up

 I took a picture, looked at my phone for 2 seconds, looked back & her giant headband was covering her eyes. That happens ALL THE TIME & the hilarious thing is she won't even cry or whine she'll just sit there
These jammies make me so happy. I found them at Babies R Us

 Sunday I wore a sundress & sandals and it made me so happy :)
I might have jumped the gun just a littleeee & packed away all of my chilly weather clothes before checking this week's forecast, woops.

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