June 30, 2014

The Past Couple of Weeks

Having Chris home on the weekends has been AMAZING.
Camdyn really does know when her daddy is home & she loves it

 We've been having lots of pool days over at Meem's (my grandma's)
Side note: Chris has since fixed his worker's tan ;)

We've hit up a few carnivals & fairs in our area
& I went on my first ride of the summer - I love rides & last summer since I was pregnant I couldn't go on any, it was torture.
Cam had her first beach day. 
I was SO nervous between her missing naps & all of the crap that I had to load onto the beach but it ended up being pretty darn easy (thanks to aunt Allison & aunt Sam)
Needless to say she loved the ocean & the sand *phew*
& we've been ending lots of our nights with walks through our neighborhood :)

We have so much to look forward to in the next couple of weeks: Chris' birthday is on Wednesday, my cousin & her fiancee are coming to stay with us for 4th of July weekend & then the following weekend we leave for our first beach week of the summer in Ocean City. 
Having a babe to enjoy all of these things with seriously makes it THAT MUCH better.


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