August 2, 2014

9 Months

Month 9 has been a crazy one that's for sure & this girl has been such a trooper.
I think we've been in the car a total of 4 days this entire month, that's like 48 hours.
So for her first milestone hit this month Cam has become a pro roadtripper :)

Her next milestone is that we are completely done nursing :(
I was excited about it, then I was sad, then I was excited again & so on
But I am now completely satisfied with where we are & so is she :)

We've started giving her REAL food & she is VERY happy about it.
The other day as I was feed her purees she was literally crying- she hates them.
She wants what we eat & she wants it ALL THE TIME.
Our girl is a little piggy

Chris has been home a lot this month & her daddy obsession has just grown even more.

Weight, Height, etc: Her 9 month appointment is this week so we'll find out then.

Diet: I'd say she drinks about 24 ounces of formula in a day- she'll usually drink 4-6 ounces at a time
Like I said, we've been shying away from the purees now & giving her real food- so far she's had pasta, waffles, bread, tortilla, mashed potatoes (I think these were her favorite), beef, chicken, cheerios, cheese (another favorite)

Sleep: I don't want to jinx myself but AMAZING. She's been sleeping through the night since the first time I stuck her in her crib. Sometimes she'll wake up & fuss a little but she just needs to find her paci & stick it back in & she's good- for this reason I stick 3 different pacis throughout her crib so she has an easier time finding one :)
Before we went down on our beach vacation I was SO nervous about how she would sleep at night in her pack and play in a new room, & of course she slept even better than at home.  I made sure to bring her music box, fan & night light so I could set up just as we do at home & I think that helped a lot. But I'm sure the sun & beach playing also tired her out quite a bit :)

Milestones: She can stand on her own! The longest she's gone was like 15 seconds
Cruising around like a pro
Finally figured her walker out & it's the cutest thing ever
Waves, not really on demand but she does it nonetheless :)
Has her two bottom teeth
Sleeping like a baby ;)
First road trip
First beach vacation
Only uses her paci at night

Favs: Shaking her head 
Poking her tongue in and out like a lizard
Aiyley & Cayden
Water bottles
Going on walks in her stroller

Not So Favs: Her new playpen
Getting changed
Holding still


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