August 4, 2014

Ocean City 2014

A couple of weeks ago we went on our first beach vacation as a family of 3 :)
Camdyn loved it & LOVED being around all of our family for a whole week

We brought her giant beach bucket, filled it with water &  plopped it into a hole in the sand so that she could easily reach- this occupied her for hours minutes ;)
I recommend getting a Sportbrella- the thing is awesome & so spacious. It has stakes that go into the ground so it's like an umbrella turned into a half tent.
We had bought a pop up tent for Cam thinking that she would stay inside but nope that thing was way too secluded for her so the Sportbrella was perfect because she still felt like she was part of the group

She liked the ocean for the most part, she didn't like it on the days that it was -500 degrees.
Chris & I really hope that she loves the ocean as she grows up because we love it, well I love the shallow part ;)

As long as Chris is with her I think she'll love anything :)

Notice our little photo bomber in the right picture

The boardwalk was another huge success- we went almost every night & she did not get sick of it one bit.  She just loves people watching so a busy boardwalk is her sanctuary
& she loved watching her little aunt and uncle go on rides
We didn't bring her on any but mommy went on some for her ;)
Chris isn't a ride person so this will be my forte.
Chris will do the ocean & I'll do the rides :)

OH, I almost forgot to mention that we saw the world's biggest elephant- no big deal.

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  1. Good tip on the sportbrella. It would feel like you were out of the way in a pop up. Hadn't thought of that. That is one big elephant...thing! Sounds like a good combo - you do rides, he does the ocean. Kind of like me and my husband. I am way too paranoid to take Aria out in the waves, so play in the zone on the edge of the ocean and he runs all the way out with her.