September 4, 2014

10 Months

Double digits, baby! 
I seriously cannot believe Cam is 10 months. 
This summer FLEW by. We were SO busy (hence the lack of blogging) but we are so ready for fall over here :) & more blogging, lots more.

The hair is officially long enough for me to do ^^ this to, I'm obsessed.
Since her bangs are almost in her eyes now we're going to have to do this hairstyle more often & I'm not complaining.

Or we do the side swept bang/preppy boy hairstyle.

 *Don't mind my bra straps*
(blogging with a baby)
ANYWAY, this month we've been working on standing & she's even taken TWO, yep two, steps!
Since Chris is back at work he wanted to make sure that he didn't miss those first steps :)

Weight: 16 lbs at her 9 month appointment
Height: 27 inches
Diet: For breakfast she'll usually have toast or a waffle & some banana
Lunch is usually cheese, some sort of bread & some peas or carrots
For dinner she'll eat whatever we eat- so far her favorite has been pulled pork & usually have mandarin oranges

Sleep: Morning nap happens around 10 & lasts 1-2 hours
Afternoon nap happens around 3:30 & usually lasts 90 minutes
Bedtime is anywhere between 7-8 depending on her naps that day & how sleepy she's acting
She'll sleep all the way through the night until 7-8 AM
Milestones: Stood & danced for about 20 seconds 
Claps & sounds like she's saying "YAY"- I'm convinced
Took two steps!
Eats everything
Knows how to put the circle shape into the corresponding hole in one of her toys
I THINK I see a little tip of a tooth on top & based off her attitude for a week straight a few weeks ago I think I'm right

Favs: Chris
Aiyley & Cayden
Mandarin oranges
Pulled pork
Being held
The wind blowing in her face 
Using our dining room chairs as walkers
Cord, remotes, cell phones, basically anything she's not supposed to put in her mouth, in it goes.
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Stuffed animals
Not So Favs: Getting dressed
Being put in her gated play yard
Hearing the word "no" .. she growls
When she wakes up in the morning & her bottle isn't ready

I've started planning her 1st birthday party & am SO excited.
I'm doing tons of DIY projects & I'll be sharing them as I go :)

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