October 3, 2014

Weekly Favorites

It's October & we could not be more excited
Cam has some amazing festive outfits & jammies to wear for the next month
& I kicked it off with this little number, LOVE.

I hadn't been in a while since the closest one is about a half hour away
& in NJ you never know how traffic is going to be at any time of the day,
BUT my mom & I sucked it up and decided to go this week & I sure am glad we did.

This candle
 Mine from last season is almost out & I want to cry
good thing Bath & Body Works is only 10 minutes away ;)

This recipe from Six Sisters' Stuff
It is AMAZING, throw it over some white rice.

 This buffalo plaid scarf that I found at Forever 21 for $5
I love it so much, I can't find it online so I'm assuming that it was left
over from last year?

Have an awesome weekend! :)

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