October 17, 2014

Weekly Favorites

I am in full on party planning mode, I cannot
believe that Cam's birthday is in almost 2 weeks, AHH.
We're hosting two birthday parties, one for family & one
for close friends (only because our townhouse is a wee bit too small to fit 50 people at once)
I feel like I'm on schedule, but at the same time I feel so far behind.
I just keep telling myself that everything does NOT have to be perfect 
except the food, the food has to be perfect ;)

Chris & I went away by ourselves for the first time since Cam's 
been born to Virginia for my cousin's wedding.
I will say that going away without you baby is kind of like Vegas,
 you only need about 1 night & you're good.
Especially if alcohol is involved.
We missed our babe so much, but it was definitely a good time.


I bought this raglan from Target this morning 
to wear on Halloween because I just couldn't help myself.
I went in for birthday supplies & strictly birthday supplies,
yet I left with a pumpkin raglan & 4 boxes of lean pockets, sigh.

I'm so excited to post all about my DIY projects for
Cam's birthday once the party is over.
I was going to post as I went, but I didn't want to ruin
 the surprises for her big day ;)

I love Trader Joes.
I feel like I've written this before, but I really do.
I think I'm going to write a post solely about them
& all of their goodness, especially their corn chili.

The fact that Target has their Christmas stuff up 
right next to their Halloween stuff
A lot of people hate on this, but I think it's so exciting!
I've already started singing Christmas carols to Cam, she loves it.

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