December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

Ah, Christmas morning
the day that every child & parent
anticipates since the first sign of festive everything
in the aisles of Target.

Our morning started off with 
Cam having a minor cough attack
immediately after chugging her milk
which resulted in Chris getting puked on

Girl acted like nothing even happened
& went right along with her morning
if that were me I'd be rolling around in agony
the majority of the morning but hey, to each their own

Puppy child's first Christmas
& she was excited.

We headed down the road to Gigi's

Cam LOVES her uncle :)

& as you can tell her aunt just
wasn't having pictures that day

Except when I held her
then she was having it
just a little :)

Just a man & his dog

Bring on the new year!

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