December 11, 2014

Christmas Card Pictures

Since we recently just got our
first DSLR camera there was no
question that we were going to attempt
to take our Christmas card pictures ourselves.

We dragged my stepdad down his road
 where there stood a line of trees that screamed
"use me as your backdrop for your
Christmas pictures"
& voila:

 Of course, we did a little
editing once we got the pictures on the
computer so the one that we chose was much more
vibrant, if you will.

 Next year I'll try to coordinate
our outfits just a little better, HA.
I'm a newb at this guys.

& this is the winner:
I knew I wanted the picture to be
focused on Cam & this displays us
perfectly, two grown humans
 running after our 3 foot tall human. 

& then we took these two
& I seriously debated just throwing
the past half hour away & sticking
one of these on our card
because that happiness.
But instead, we decided to print
the bottom one onto a canvas print as tall
as me. I'm not kidding.
*insert red faced Emoji here*

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