December 18, 2014

Pinning- Christmas Style

Christmas is one week away!!!

Pinterest has been swarming with
amazing holiday ideas since like mid-August
so I've had plenty of time to rack up
some of my favorites.

These peppermint Oreo truffles sound amazing.
Just the name alone makes me drool.
Anything involving Oreos is a win in my book.

Once Cam knows who Santa is
I'll definitely be making her this
I guess in the meantime I can make
it for Chris, only for the hat I'll use bacon 
instead of strawberries.
Perfect ;)

will be ours next Christmas.

would be the perfect use for the tons
of leftover scraps of fabric that I have
from Cam's nursery banner
& our fall banner.

If we were hosting a Christmas dinner
these would absolutely
be our place settings.

Oh, I'll leave you with this,
Cam's picture with Santa.
Aka a baby mugshot
  That Santa right there,
is the happiest Santa I've ever seen.
& I love him.
High five for the cheer, Santa!

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