December 31, 2014


To say this year was amaze balls
would be an understatement.
When we rang in 2014 I remember
thinking that no year could top 2013,
for obvious reasons.

But this year is one for the books.
I started our little blog in February

we celebrated tons of first holidays with Cam

went on TWO family beach vacations

got engaged

celebrated Camdyn's first birthday, twice

grew our family by one, fluffy little member

and last but not least got MARRIED

We plan to spend this New Year's Eve
just our little family of three,
eating tons of appetizers
& watching The Twilight Zone marathon.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot some resolutions ;)

Be more patient with myself,
especially as a momma.
There are MANY days that I feel like
I'm doing everything wrong,
"Does Cam watch too much TV?"
"Am I feeding her enough lunch, dinner, etc"
"Do I teach her enough in a day?"
Growing a human being is not an easy
task, it takes lots of time 
18 years to be exact
& lots of PATIENCE.

Work on my skills in the kitchen.
I have a long way to go with this one
think flour all over my clothes
& many tears over burnt garlic
but I think it should be a fun adventure ;)

Top this outfit 

Happy New Years Eve!!
Bring on 2015 :)

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