September 23, 2014

DIY Birthday Invitation Pictures

When I first started thinking about Camdyn's birthday
I knew that I wanted to take the pictures for her invitation ourselves.
SO, Chris & I took our little Nikon Coolpix S9500, a white blanket, the fabric banner from 
her nursery & out onto our mini, front, townhouse lawn we went.

 What you'll need:
Adorable outfit
Something that represents the theme of the party
& some neighbors with amazingly cute puppies

Since her birthday party has a color "theme" of grey & peach (surprising huh?)
I figured we would dress her in all white & wrap the fabric banner, which
has pops of grey and peach, all around her.

The blanket was given to us as a gift
& the bubble that she's wearing is from H&M

& of course we topped her off with a little bow.
Which you'll notice we couldn't decide between two.

[One piece of advice is make sure you do this in the morning
or evening hours since in the afternoon the lighting causes
some major shadows on the face]

Getting a picture of Cam outside, with the morning commute 
passing through our neighborhood was not an easy feat.
& then she discovered the bushes behind her & was determined
to touch them. 50 million times.
here she is discovering the bushes

OH & she has resting grumpy face these days
so getting her to smile for us was nearly impossible

[I realized when we were finished that the blanket looked blue
& had a glare coming off of it- I think that was because it's an iridescent white fabric.
Amateur move?] 

our neighbors happened to walk by with their two little dogs 
& saved our photoshoot.
Dogs make this babe very, very happy.
& here is the picture that ended up on the front of her invitations :)
We used this theme from Tinyprints & I think they came out pretty awesome!