September 5, 2014

Friday Love

I don't know about you guys but over in our household we get SO excited for some fall TV
I've decided to round up some of our favorites (no spoilers, don't worry)

Sons of Anarchy // September 9 @ 10 PM
 This show is hands down our favorite
I don't know what it is (probably Charlie Hunnam's face & badassery)
but this show is just so addicting & this being the last season makes me SO sad

The Voice // September 22 @ 8 PM
We started watching this last year during season 5 & became obsessed
& I know I'm going to be even more obsessed now that Gwen is a judge

Grey's Anatomy // September 25 @ 8 PM
 This is probably the only drama I will ever watch
So much goes on every episode & it's just so unrealistic that I love it

How To Get Away With Murder // September 25 @ 10 PM
This is a new one that just looks so interesting
Hopefully it's a win!

American Horror Story // October 15 @ 10 PM
The first season was awesome
Second was just confusing
Third was okay
The theme of this season looks terrifying so I hope so

Can't wait to sit our butts on the couch with some hot choco & enjoy all of these shows :)

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