September 8, 2014

Camdyn's Nursery

When we first found out that we were having a girl
I knew that I wanted her nursery to be something soft & simple.
Being that grey is like my FAVORITE color I had to incorporate that into my plans & decided that peach was an awesome girly alternative to pink.

I won't lie her nursery is still a work in progress but here goes:

We opted out of getting a changing table/dresser combo because we figured we would just be changing Cam wherever her little booty happened to be & we were so right.
So we just got this cheap & simple white dresser from Target.

 That "C" is from Marshall's & was the first decor that I bought for her room once we knew for sure her name :)
The glass canister is from Home Goods & is where we keep all of her bows & headbands.

This beautiful stain glass art was made by Chris' mom
She passed away this summer & we miss her SO much but this picture always
reminds me of how much she loved Camdyn & how amazing she was.

The little lamp was an old one that my mom had & it's perfect for her room; small & simple
Those little porcelain shows are from Italy & smell like baby powder; they seriously made her whole room smell like it & it is perfect.

The wall decal I ordered off of a shop on Etsy
& the fabric banners below it I made when I was about 33 weeks pregnant
It was so simple to make & really adds a lot to her little room

This is my favorite little spot in her room
I love how the window is right there
& her little basket full of stuffed animals which she just recently discovered.
Girl LOVES her stuffed animals

This blanket is another beautiful gift that Chris' mom made
Those are little bears stitched into it- obsessed.

Until we get a bookshelf (which I've been on the hunt for)
these little side pockets on the rocker are where we keep her books.
We don't read every night, but this would be really convenient if we did :)

Her stuffed animal collection 

My other favorite corner of the room
Those are tissue paper poofs above her crib
I figured they could take the place of a mobile, but nope I don't think she's ever even noticed them HA

The bird paperweight & the star were both finds from Home Goods
& that little lamb is from Gund

Two more Home Goods finds
(why yes we have a Home Goods 2 minutes from our house, why do you ask?)
That "dream" plaque was originally white but we painted it

 The little gallery wall.
I just love the randomness that gallery walls can be.
The wall arts were all either from Hobby Lobby or Home Goods.
The pictures in the frames need to be updated, BAD
but I just can't get rid of the cheeky, newborn Cam

This little random basket we found at Home Goods for like $3 
It was a bright yellow color but we spray painted it grey
& now it is the home of Cam's diapers & diaper supples.

This little wicker drawer was originally a whole bunch of wood colors
but Chris painted it & then it fit perfectly.
Now it's just the random little dresser in Cam's room that holds all of the random things
that have no better place to be put :)

& this is what I call the most random spot that I don't know what to do with.
Here lies all of Cam's dirty clothes & my favorite family picture, ever.

Her room still has a lot to be done but I'm kind of digging the simplicity of it.
Just a little heads up; if you do decide to use peach in your color scheme
expect to paint a lot of things yourself.  It's like way hard to find peach decor.

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  1. oh it is lovely. So soft! I love those baby powder smelling shoes. I couldn't imagine changing Aria wherever. My gosh the kid is a roller.