November 5, 2014

Camdyn's First Birthday Party

I absolutely love that Camdyn's birthday is right in the midst
of all of the holidays, it just makes this time of year THAT much better.

Her onesie I made with Scribble 3D Fabric Paint from Michaels
The tutu I made with peach tulle that I ordered on Amazon
& a think elastic from Michaels

I decided to stick to her nursery colors
as the theme for the party & to keep it pretty simple.
 I revolved the party mainly around the food table
because, let's be real, the food is the best part of any party ;)

I ordered the subs from a local sub shop, made some pasta salad
& some buffalo chicken dip & stuck some cheese & Triscuits on there.
The drink dispenser has some peach tea in it, just to stick with the theme :)

The wooden high chair in the corner
we got from a yard sale for $10!
Painted it white & turned it into a
total score for these awesome pictures:

 My mom made us the cake, we just used regular boxed cake mix
& some white icing dyed with icing color from Michaels.
We also had some orange sorbet ice cream for dessert, because
it's the best & orange is almost peach, right?
 ^ There's my momma.

If you can see waaaay back there, hanging down from the bar,
is a monthly photo banner that I made.
I printed those little squares straight off my Instagram using
Love this app so much, the quality of the photos are awesome
& they ship SO quick.

Chris came up with this cute idea for the favor bags,
we printed out tinier pictures of Camdyn right off Instagram
with the Print Studio app and attached one to every favor bag.
This way all of our guests can choose which picture they want of Cam.
I came up with the idea for the inside though, yogurt covered pretzels :)

The day turned out amazing & we had one happy & messy little babe.

Love this family of mine.
Now bring on the holidays :)

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  1. I love your attitude about it with a holiday birthday. But, it is also at a good distance from things. Just makes it more fun, I agree. Aria's in early Dec and I think it is a perfect time to celebrate.
    Love all the details, and the pics on the favors...good idea! Might steal that.