November 11, 2014

Camdyn's Christmas Wishlist

Since Cam's birthday is over we can officially
start thinking about her Christmas wishlist.
Since she's only one this year
her list is mainly comprised of clothes & books.
I have a feeling it will be like this until she's like 3
& can actually make a list on her own :)

I decided that the majority of the gifts
this year will be PJs & clothes, since my years are
very limited before she starts getting pissed that there are no toys
under that tree ;)
 I got her both of these sets in size 24 months
to wear next year around Christmas time.

We got a few gift cards to Baby Gap for her birthday
which I'll probably use to get:

O Christmas Tree
Being that Cam just recently started milk
I slowly realized that we need WAY more sippy cups
& way more plates for those bigger meals she's eating.
I think these would be great stocking stuffers,
don't ya think? :)

We received a few gift cards to BRU
for her birthday so
I'll probably use them to get:
& maybe some of this
So there's Camdyn's Christmas wishlist, so far.

1 comment:

  1. Aria was inundated with toys last Dec with the combo of her bday and Christmas. And, she still loves a good bit of those toys, but I really appreciated the boring need type items. She got some plates, those have been used daily since. She also got a ton of books, and those also get a lot of leg work! So totally a smart move to get clothes and needs.