November 20, 2014


Meet Emmy.
She's the newest member of our little family.

I knew I always wanted a dog to complete our family,
but I wanted to wait until Camdyn was a little bit older.
 Turns out, Chris & this baby's little face, swayed me the other way
& I gave in
& I'm SO glad that I did.
She & Cam love each other.  It's like they both
know each other are babies, chasing each other around,
slipping and sliding all over our wood floors like little babies do.

 After a shady visit to a "breeder" in Staten Island
on Wednesday morning Chris & I were feeling a little
bummed, we thought for sure we would have left
there with a pup but that was a no go.
 So I, as my impatient self, searched
& searched the world wide web 
& came across Joy (now Emmy) & her adorable siblings.
We called the owner, he was super nice
& said Chris could come that night to get her!
So, onward into the night, 
& the sticks of Pennsylvania, he went.

Back at home:
Cam & I waited,
 (LOL midblink Camdyn)
 & waited,
& decorated
& 5 hours later
my man popped in the door with our new baby
I was a little nervous about having to take
care of a puppy & a toddler
but so far, so good.
Wish us luck ;)

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