November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween was Cam's last first holiday.
Last year on Halloween as we were sitting
down getting ready to watch the SNL Halloween special
I decided that the stomach pains I was feeling all day
were absolutely contractions, & off to the hospital we went.

There's just something about teeny babes in only a tutu
with their little milk bellies hanging over. UGH.

We started the night out trick or treating at our local food store
so mama could get some food shopping done,
best idea ever. Props to Weis.
Chris' dad is here visiting from Oklahoma
& she was attached to him the entire time
& to that lollipop in her hand ;)

After Weis we went home to eat dinner real quick then Chris
& I took Cam trick or treating around our neighborhood
while Chris' dad stayed home to hand out the candy.
It was a bit chilly (aka FREEZING) so we had to take Cam out 
of her candy corn tutu outift for trick or treating,
  luckily I had back up just in case
& she went as a little ladybug :)

 We would ring the door bell, place Cam down with her bucket
& sometimes she'd pick out our her candy, sometimes we'd pick out our her candy.

At the end of the night the bucket was full & we realized that
we had been out for almost an hour.
& that was the first time that we used our daughter


  1. She is so precious Shannon and you're such an amazing mother !! Enjoy your candy !!!!