November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

Being that Thanksgiving is now
less than ONE WEEK AWAY
I figured it would acceptable
to write about some of my favorite
 Pinterest worthy Thanksgiving ideas:

such a cute idea & so much easier
than having to give away all of your precious tupperware.

This free printable idea is so cute 
& couldn't be any simpler.
A little way to add some festiveness
to the table.

 I have a dream, that one day, I will
host Thanksgiving dinner.
One day, when we can fit more than
6 squished people at our dinner table.
Anyway, when I do I will
be using this turkey brine 
I know nothing about cooking a turkey,
but I do know that this brine sounds delicious.

The perfect drink for watching the Macy's parade in the AM
or playing Cards Against Humanity with your aunts & uncles into the PM.
I made these baked sweet potatoes
as a side dish the other day.
Well, it was definitely a pinterest fail
for the skins, BUT the inside was still delicious
so I plan on making mashed sweet potatoes
following this recipe for Thanksgiving.

Happy weekend! :)

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