November 18, 2014

DIY Wipe Case Turned Sensory Box

My mom made Cam two awesome presents
for her birthday this year & I just
had to share because Cam
 LOVES to play with both of them. Like all the time.
First up is a DIY sensory box:

How cute is this box?!
She took a regular wipe box,
cut up some different colored & textured fabrics
& glued them all over the outside.

The circles on top are Cam's favorite part.
Inside she stuck 5 different pieces of fabric.
The sparkly fabric was some leftover that she
had from making my sister's Elsa costume, obviously ;)
Then there was some denim & floral fabrics that she cut up from an old
pair of baby overalls that had a broken button.
& that animal print fabric you see there
was an old shirt from my college days.
Such a good way to retire one of my favorites ;)
If you have any old clothes that are ready to check out,
just cut them up & make this easy little sensory box.
Also, if your babe is like mine & completely empties the wipe box
whenever they get their hands on it, then this just might
save your sanity ;)

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